Update… Kinda

As for a publishing update, I’m currently waiting on the author copy of the paperback to show up in my mailbox.  I’m beyond excited to see my name on the cover of a book.  After I decide what tweaks need to be made to the cover formatting (there’s always tweaks to be made) then all that’s left is waiting for that magical release date.  On July 2, 2018 my very first book will be available for purchase!  It’s a dream come true!

That’s really all there is to report.  Since there’s not much news to thrill you how about a sneak peek?

As much as Royal Oaks is a teenage romance story it’s also about being a fish out of water:

It was already getting hot and the bus was crowded with people on their way to work.  The bus stop closest to Royal Oaks was up the street from the school’s main gate. There were sleek town cars dropping off other students and Kara was immensely grateful that her own method of transportation was already chugging off in the other direction. As she approached she watched a driver open the door for a perfectly coiffed blonde.

“Not in Kansas anymore,” she muttered under her breath. She glanced down at the friendship bracelet on her right wrist. It was twisted threads of black and baby blue, Matt’s favorite color twisted with hers. She made one for each of them when they were twelve. Matt didn’t want to wear his at first but Kara whined until he had let her knot it on. Four years later neither of them would even consider taking the bracelets off. For Kara it was her talisman. It reminded her of where she came from, of who loved her…of everything.  Ignoring the curious glances from other students she headed up the steps.”

To find out what happens to Kara be sure to grab Royal Oaks July 2nd!


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