Cover to Cover

1590001-Maryrose-Wood-Quote-All-books-are-judged-by-their-covers-untilWhat’s the first thing you look at when you’re considering buying a new book?  The front cover.  What about the second thing?  The back cover.   While the front cover of a book can often become iconic (think the apple from Twilight), personally, I think the back is a little more important.  That’s where you find the synopsis.  Hence, I’ve been working on the synopsis for Royal Oaks while I’m getting feedback on potential cover art (help me decide and leave some feedback on my Facebook page!).  Here’s the current incarnation:

“Kara Adam’s has a dream of an Ivy League education she can use to launch her career as a lawyer and take care of her family. The realization of that dream starts with getting into the prestigious Royal Oaks Preparatory School on scholarship. Little does she know the hard part isn’t getting in, it’s surviving her fellow classmates.

Donovan Ashworth understands the importance of a good name, a good school, and a big bank account. He doesn’t understand why his good school insists on handing out scholarships to those who just don’t belong.

Can these two find middle ground? Can they find something more?

Find out in Royal Oaks.”

I know I’m biased but that gets my attention.

If you have suggestions on the Royal Oaks synopsis or thoughts on synopsis in general feel free to leave a comment below.

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