Chasing Dreams

It’s been way too long. Life turned into a whirlwind of chaos. But now, as the world opens back up I feel it’s the perfect time to do big things. It’s a perfect time to chase dreams. With that being said, Babydoll is now available for pre-sale on Kindle! “Growing up: it’s complicated and Bailey... Continue Reading →


My apologies for the hiatus! My personal life took the front seat for a while as I worked my way through some months of pregnancy.  I’m not quite done with that whole project but I’m in a better place for getting back to all things writing. So, the first thing I want to hit you... Continue Reading →

Changing Directions

It’s funny how you think you know where you’re going and what you’re doing and BOOM life happens. That’s why this blog has been noticeably quite, I was moving right along with the first book in that new series I mentioned, when I just happened to find out I’ll be bringing another little human into... Continue Reading →

Just a Taste

I've been banging away on the key board today.  Spending time with my new favs, Kane and Hadley, who everyone will get the chance to meet soon.  Here's a little snippet of what these ladies have been chatting about: "So, he doesn’t have a Facebook,” she said. Hadley shook her head and grabbed the phone. ... Continue Reading →

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