Chasing Dreams

It’s been way too long. Life turned into a whirlwind of chaos. But now, as the world opens back up I feel it’s the perfect time to do big things. It’s a perfect time to chase dreams. With that being said, Babydoll is now available for pre-sale on Kindle!

Growing up: it’s complicated and Bailey Sweeten thinks she doesn’t want to do it at all. She’d rather live in a world where it’s summer forever and she can hide in the stories she writes.

Secrets: it seems like everyone has them. From Bailey’s best friends to the boy next door and the biggest one Bailey holds deep in her heart.

But growing up is unavoidable and secrets don’t always keep.

What happens when everyone’s secrets come to light? And what happens when those secrets are dangerous?”

Grab the pre-order for your kindle today or wait until June 18th. Either way, give Babydoll a go.

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