Just a Taste


I’ve been banging away on the key board today.  Spending time with my new favs, Kane and Hadley, who everyone will get the chance to meet soon.  Here’s a little snippet of what these ladies have been chatting about:

“So, he doesn’t have a Facebook,” she said.

Hadley shook her head and grabbed the phone. 

“Everybody has a Facebook,” she said.  She tapped and typed on her phone for a few more minutes.  Kane watched her friend research and sipped her beer.  She knew her friend was only trying to watch out for her but her lack of concern lay in that fact she wasn’t trying to start a relationship with this man.  She just wanted to sow some wild oats with him.   “I can’t find him on Insta or Twitter either.  And nothing on Tinder.  That last one is actually pretty good but he either isn’t on line or his shit is locked up so tight he can’t be found.  You know who does that?  Serial killers.”

Kane chuckled.

“You watch too much Criminal Minds,” she told her friend.  “Besides, even serial killers are on social media these days.  Remember the Craig’s list guy?”

“Is Craig’s list really social media?” Hadley asked thoughtfully.  She pondered for a moment then shook her head.  “That’s beside the point.  This guy, one that you’re considering inviting into your holy place, cannot be tracked.  I don’t like it.”

Kane couldn’t help the giggles that erupted.

“Holy place?” she choked out.

“Girl, your vag is like a priest’s bedroom, only one dude has been in there,” Hadley said, rolling her eyes.

Kane’s laughter ratcheted up a notch.  She tried to get herself under control as Raymond Buxton slid up on the stool next to her for his standard Wednesday evening Coors.

“Y’all need Jesus,” he remarked mildly. “Y’all know you ain’t supposed to talk about cooters and priests in the same sentence.”

Kane’s attempt at getting her giggles reigned in went right out the window.”

These two girls are something else.

Also, my friend MC Cerny has a new release out that you need to check out: Rescue Me.  Head on over to Amazon and pick it up.  And if you haven’t picked up my first release, Royal Oaks, make sure to grab that too!

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