My apologies for the hiatus! My personal life took the front seat for a while as I worked my way through some months of pregnancy.  I’m not quite done with that whole project but I’m in a better place for getting back to all things writing.

So, the first thing I want to hit you with is an update on book number two.  I’m a at least halfway through the (self)editingprocess.  While I don’t have a solid objective for my release date I do want to get the book out before I get this kid out. I’m not promising anything but I may still have a summer read for y’all. 

Next up, I’ll be working on some changes and additions to the blog.  One of those additions will be newsletter.  I know being allowed into your inbox is a super special gift so if you sign up for the newsletter, I’ll have special sneak peeks and other goodies I come up with along with way. 

Lastly, if you’re not following me on Instagram make sure you get on that.  I’ve been invited to work with some awesome ladies authors on some giveaways in the coming months.  Not only will you have opportunities to win fun prizes, you may find some new reading material.  

Quite a lot going on.  I think I need a snack and maybe a nap.  Too bad I’ve got editing to do.

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