It’s been a bit since I’ve posted but I’ve been in research mode.  The internet is a vast place and for an author to really get their name out there they have to find every little nook and cranny where they can rep their work.  At least, that’s what I think.  So I’ve been finding the blogs, groups, and sub-reddits where I can let people know about Royal Oaks.

Of course I’ve been working on new stuff too.  My trusty notebook is full of pages titled “Brain Dump” where I’m planning on a whole series.


I currently pounding out the first book and desperately trying not to abandon a fan fic I have going that’s close to my heart.  I’m BUSY, y’all.

For more frequent updates make sure you like my Facebook page. There you can see what I’m reading (I mean, you can be busier than elves in November and still make time to read) and the occasional funny meme.

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