Coming Up

So, even with Royal Oaks barely out on the shelves, I’m so excited about my new project I can’t wait to give you guys a sneak peek.  So I won’t!

sneak peek

Come up next is a book series set in the sleepy little (fictional) town of Bon Ami, Louisiana.  You’ll meet a lot of interesting folks there.  In the first book of the series, which is yet to be titled, you’ll meet Kane Tanner.

“Damn it, Kane,” he barked, slamming down his cup.  That brought another round of cursing when the hot liquid sloshed over his fingers.  “Exactly what in the hell were you thinking, girl?”

“I was thinking if Carrie Underwood was making millions singing about it, maybe it was a pretty good, damn idea,” Kane told her Uncle, crossing her arms over her chest.

Confusion was written all over her Uncle Tommy’s face.

“What?” he asked.

“Carrie Underwood, Before he Cheats.  It was on the jukebox,” she huffed.  She knew she sounded like a sullen kid but she couldn’t help it.

“So a song about destroying a truck comes on the jukebox and you think it’s a good idea?” Uncle Tommy was pressing his fingers to his temple.  It was gesture that Kane had seen often when she was growing up.

“Well, I figure it’s mine to destroy if I paid half the notes on that son of a bitch for the last five years!” she exclaimed.  Her no good, soon to be ex just had to have the overpriced Ford Raptor and being the dutiful wife, Kane had went along with it, making sure the bill got paid every month from their joint account.  She wasn’t one hundred percent on how the law worked but she was pretty sure Brandon wouldn’t be able to press charges since the truck was in both of their names.  Her nickels and dimes had help buy the headlights she busted and the paint she has so carefully scratched “dickbag” into.

Uncle Tommy’s expression softened.

“Kane, I know you’re hurting but you can’t lash out like this.  It ain’t right.  And it ain’t legal,” he told her.

“You’re telling me it ain’t legal to bust up a truck I partially own?” she asked.  She knew her uncle was trying to cut her some slack but that fire of anger that had been burning in her chest while she smashed up her ex’s truck was still smoldering.

Uncle Tommy shook his head.

“Girl, you sure are you’re mama’s child,” he said.  “No, it ain’t against the law to bust up something you’ve paid for.  However, destruction of private property is against the law and when you went flying up to Bran’s house you knock down Mrs. Parker’s chicken.  The head came clean off.”

Kane’s eyes widened.  She remembered a bump when she whipped into Bran’s driveway in her jeep but she thought it was the curb.  Maybe she shouldn’t have been driving if she hadn’t noticed she’d knocked down a six foot bright red aluminum chicken.

Suffice to say, Kane is a little bit feisty.  I CANNOT wait for y’all to meet here.  I guess I better get back to work!

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  1. I love how reading your work feels a little like going home . Back to a time when friends were family and adventure could always be found in a small town .


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